Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Family Day

What a lovely day. 
Days like today I feel blessed and lucky for the family and friends I have got.

We went out for breakfast today, went to Drexels at Riccarton. Such good food, such friendly service. They always have colouring in pages for kids, they have bottomless coffee. Its like heaven!

After breakfast, Lily and I, along with 2 friends went to a musical performance by the "Polkadots" singing group. It was a fantastically noisy, free, children-fun event, that highlights that you really don't need to spend money to have great fun with your kids. 

After an awesome boogey with my girl, we picked up Hartley and went to the Encraftment Market at Addington School. Such beautiful handmade items, and such lovely local business owners. And such cool fabrics! Went with my mummy, so nice to catch up and get out of the house. Dropped by a friends house on the way home.

Now all thats left is to make some pudding, get the kids in bed and put a DVD in the player. 

I love weekends, and I love my family. 

Days like today are why we have weekends. To embrace every chance to do something different, to be busy but not stressed, and to enjoy each other.

LouLou xoxo

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