Friday, 5 October 2012

Little Girls Ruffle Skirt

In the interest of all good crafting, it seemed absurd to slowly teach myself all the little tricks of my new sewing machine. It seemed totally sensical to just jump in head first, buy a tricky-looking pattern, and do it.

And I did it! 

And it is not a massive failure. There are a few mistakes here and there, that I know are there, but I learnt big time from this awesome pattern, and I really feel like I have accomplished with this. 

I purchased the pattern off Etsy from a store called ViolaLee Patterns. 
This pattern was so awesomely written out, with easy-to-follow directions and step-by-step on how to do a gather stitch and getting even ruffles. 

I am just not at the point yet, where I am ready to jump in head-first without inspiration and direction. I have a lot more fun picking out the right patterns. 

I am a direction follower though, and I am ok with that. Learning the skills and being able to do it, is just as exciting to me!

I got the fabric for this from Spotlight. 

Yay! Totally inspired by the fun that I am having with my sewing machine, and    how productive and useful I feel!

LouLou xoxo

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  1. Good job! Amazing, jumping in head first! Hope all that inspiration and drive lasts! There's lots of very cool (and free) tutorials on line too. If you're into sewing for little girls I'd defo check out