Saturday, 6 October 2012

6 Days Down, 1 To Go... Until Next Week

It's been a long week in our house.
The new Mitre 10 Mega opens in Hornby in a matter of days and Josh has been heading the merchandising team for the new store. 

Needless to say, it's been a huge few months for him, all culminating into a big stress of a week this week as they get ready to open their doors. 
Josh has worked (so far) about 65 hours this week, which is a lot. 
It's a lot of late nights, early mornings and a lot of time that I have also been at home with a 3 month old and an almost 3 year old. 
So, our week is almost done.
Tomorrow night he will be gone most of the night, but this time next week, it will all be over. 

I am just so proud of how hard he has worked, and how loyal and consistent he is.
And can still come home and bath Lily and get her into bed for the night while I settle Hartley. 
It was a bad week for me to pull a muscle in my chest wall, really bad timing. 
But that's ok, as I say, we are almost there. 

Looking forward to Kids Clothing Week Challenge starting Monday to keep me busy!

Super smiley face,
LouLou xoxo


  1. Hopefully it settles down!!! Phew, what a big job! Hope you start feeling better soon!

    1. It has already begun to settle down! Thanks for your comment!