Thursday, 4 September 2014

Origami Cookies - With Added Foxiness!

Hey all,

This weeks cookie theme is Origami.


My very best friend recently went up to Wellington and stayed with her friend for the weekend, who is the most amazing Origami artist. To say thank you she asked me for some help in designing and making Origami cookies for him.

What we came up with is actually pretty awesome!

I actually used cookie cutters this week, such a novelty, after trimming and handcutting quite a bit lately. I used a Betty Crocker cat face cutter for the fox and a simple 10-point star for the others.

I did hand cut some cranes. See below.

It's possible I forgot to take a photo of them finished. But in all honesty, they didn't live up to the excitement of the foxes. How could they?

So, first plain sugar cookies. SO boring. Then I drew my lines on, as above.

I piped the lines in the browny-orange, filling the cheek and centre piece in shortly after. If you are hyper-vigilant about colours running, you might want to wait until the piping has dried completely before putting the white in.

Likewise, with the pinwheels I did 2 pieces at a time, and then let this dry completely (overnight), filling in 2 more pieces the next day, and then the last piece when they had completely dried.
If you fill any joining triangles before the other is dry, they all run together, and you just end up with a royal icing puddle.

Looking good.

I must say, in this instance, the black piping over top at the end, really made these.
It worked perfectly with the Origami look, and I just really think they are especially adorable.
Next weeks theme is roller skates, so check back in soon!


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