Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Attempt 2: The newest blog attempt

Last September I created a blog.
And then I promptly totally forgot about said blog, got pregnant, moved house, and then had a baby.
Now it is August 2012, my blog has only my original post from last September on it, about how much baking I will do, and how much I will be posting on this lovely blog.
So, now that I have moved house, have had my beautiful baby (who is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen), I want to get back into the fun and creative world of blogging.
Over the next months, while breastfeeding, I want to basically learn to get fit, as I actually have no fitness level at the moment. I also want to eat healthily and get back to somewhere near where I used to be.
Mainly though, above all else, I want to look after my family, keep my house tidy, and attempt new recipes and creative DIY projects.

All of the above both excites and terrifies me, but as I am currently at home full time, I need something to keep me busy and feeling useful.

So, my lovely people, what I am trying to explain in a roundabout sort of way, is that I have great hopes that this time I really do mean it. This time I want to post blogs about my life, my projects, my baking and my family. And I want to keep it up most importantly.

My next 2 big projects are going to be Lily's 3rd birthday, which she has decided she would like a princess party. For anyone who has met my daughter, this is the most unsurprising thing ever, as she is just the cutest little girly girl ever at the moment, which I am totally loving about her, as it shows me just how much of her own person she is (since I am so not super girly fun-timeness). So, the princess party will be filled with budget friendly princess projects. And for project number 2, for Lily's christmas present this year, I want to make her a large sized felt board, complete with characters, shapes and maybe letters and numbers that we can use as both an educational activity and as a distraction on the many days we have where we do nothing and go nowhere.

I will be in touch my lovely people.
But now, I am going to clean my house and I have the Plunket nurse visiting in 3 hours, so I might chuck some muffins in the oven. If I do well, I might even take photos and post a blog all about it later on tonight.

Love to all and God bless,


And just in case you don't believe me on how amazingly cute my newest little man is, here is proof. He is utterly delicious!! 

Awwww..... Sleeping baby!! 

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  1. Sometimes is takes a few goes to get into the swing of blogging, but it sounds like you have lots to blog about!