Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cookies, Cakes & Condiments THE BLOG

So, it has occurred to me that my old blog, Chocolate Chips and Cheap Chomps was A) totally unloved and forgotten about and B) The name has nothing to do with the actual name of the bakery and catering business I will one day get fully set up.

So, Henceforth this is the place to look for recipes, projects and general check ins. On the upside, for the rest of the year, I am gonna be run off my feet with projects and excuses for baking and recipes galore. 
Tomorrow is my housewarming, end of October, my lovely partners birthday, and he wants a zombie cake. November brings Little Miss' 2nd birthday, and a Dora the Explorer cake is on the cards. And then....


And what better a time of year than Christmas, to bake and have projects galore. 
This year, I want Little Miss to see the value in home made presents. Cookies, miniature cakes, cupcakes and general christmas gift packs are on the way. 

Along with all new main recipes and photos from here on out, prices will also be listed. For anyone wanting to order anything off the site, you can email me through the blog, you can also check me out on facebook, under the same label of Cookies, cakes and condiments. 

I shall leave you too it now, but have a lovely day my fellows, fantastic colourful excitement to come.

Over and out, Louise!

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