Monday, 19 August 2013

Purchase of the week (pre-wedding #2)

So, this week has been all about wedding prep.

Figuring out what I need to figure out is really hard work. So its nice that in between all that, I get to buy cool things and play with them. It makes it all seem awesomely worth it, makes all the stress and busy-ness seem totally justifiable. There is method to my madness after all.

So, my favourite web store of the week:

Picked up the gear I needed to get my goody bags under way this week, and I could have spent soooo much more money than I did.

 These bags were a really affordable option for the goody bags. At only 0.35c a pop, I didn't break any budgets buying about 70 of them.

You can see here my special treat of the week. I bought a full stamp set of the alphabet, in upper and lower case. In the photo above, you can see we have stamped each envelope with names. They are even more adorable on the bags than I thought they would be. And yes, the bags did come pre-stamped. So handy.

You can see a little taster of the washi tape I bought too. It's a mint floral washi tape, and it was worth all of the $5.00 it cost me, to liven up my little bags just enough.

We had the fantastic idea of rolling out a little paint, and making labels (3 for each person), which will go inside the little goody bags. As we are having a BYO wedding, we wanted a way for people to be able to label their drinks. Yay for sticker sheets, cute alphabet stamps and paint!

The magic of using the paint with the labels is that even once the alcohol or drinks get chucked in the chilly bin, the paint wont run everywhere and make a horrible mess. It is also a cost effective way to make 180 labels, so that always makes me happy!

So, busy week all round. I am slowly working my way through these one by one, putting together these very cute little bags and counting the days till I get to give them out. I know everyone will see the effort put in and appreciate that we are doing what we can to make a cheap wedding, still awesome and cute, and very much suited to us as people.

YAY! General celebration excitement!!

Lou xoxo

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