Saturday, 13 July 2013

Party is tomorrow!

In our house today we are prep, prep, prepping for a very special little boys first birthday party. Mr. Hartley turned one this past Monday, but we are celebrating tomorrow. Having been sick all week, both kids with ear infections, Hartley getting a head cold at the same time, I am really glad to see them both getting better now, to enjoy his special day tomorrow.

With big families, it's always nice to get together and celebrate the kids birthdays, and I always inevitably go overboard.

I have baked the cake, just need to decorate. I have baked the cookies, just need to decorate. And I am 8 layers into my 11 layer surprise jelly!

Truffles are in the fridge at mums, and my grandma is making cheese rolls.

It's going to be a lovely chance to catch up with everyone, get dressed up and take some cute pics of the kids. 

There will recipes galore, and cute photos as of tomorrow, so keep your eyes tuned into this channel.

For now, I am going to add layer 9 to the jelly and make some royal icing!!

Happy Birthday party eve, Little Monster!

Lou xoxo

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